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Increase in hate crimes, in Canada from 2019 to 2020.

With many hate crimes not being reported, as the number of serious assaults cases are on the rise. Hate crimes consists of racism, religion, sexual orientation, gender based as well as disability.

Increase in Reported Hate CRimes

Race or Ethnicity
SExual Orientation
Sexual Assault
What can Allies do?

Coordinated Bystander De-Escalation

Allies is a Coordinated Bystander communication and de-escalation app.

The victim of a hate crime often times is too caught up in the moment to be able to send an alert for help. Allies relies on nearby witnesses of the confrontation to send an alert on the victim’s behalf.

Through the creation of the alert, nearby allies can quickly communicate and coordinate de-escalation strategies to pull the victim away from the situation, to safety.

Assemble and communicate

Location based Alerts

AI Driven Assessments

Why are doing this?

Active & Caring Community

We're mobilising thousands of people to build a world where no person will have to sacrifice peace of mind, safety or dignity, because of who they are or who they love.

Download Available now on IOs and ANDROID

Out on both iOS and Android now, become an Ally today.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are users from different parts of the World on Allies.

So to prevent your device from receiving push notifications from locations not relevant to you, we require your current location to notify you only of situations happening around you.

If you do not allow location permission, the app will not work. To fix this, either go to your settings, apps and in the Allies app settings, change location to allow OR reinstall the app and grant permissions when the prompt appears again.

When an incident is pinned, bystanders can click on the pin to communicate amongst each other as well as record evidence to submit to authorities.

The Camera permission allows you to record, while the Storage permission allows us to save your recording onto your device.

However, this is optional, the app will still work if you do not allow this permission. You just will not be able to record if this permission is revoked.

We never want you to confront the perpetrator, “attacking the attacker” in most cases just escalates the issue.

As a bystander, one of your best strategies is to create a distraction and disrupt the perpetrator’s focus.

Other ways you should help is by creating the alert, calling the authorities, documenting (recording) and finding ways as a group to pull the victim out of the dangerous situation and supporting them.

Why you should use Allies is because you can contribute besides directly getting into the face of the perpetrator.

This is your where you live after all, shouldn’t you be proactively making it safer your family?

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